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transportation operationswe deliver energy safely and efficiently

Transportation is an essential part of our operations. Chevron Pipe Line Company and Chevron Shipping Company manage safe, reliable, flexible and efficient systems that deliver energy to our customers around the globe.

an extensive network

Chevron operates and invests in an interconnected system to deliver all of our products to their final destinations. Chevron Pipe Line Company transports crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, carbon dioxide, petrochemicals and refined products through a series of pipelines and storage facilities that it owns and/or operates. In addition, Chevron Shipping Company manages a fleet of vessels to transport crude oil, liquefied natural gas and our refined products worldwide. Chevron’s fleet travels approximately 1.4 million miles every year. That’s the equivalent of 56 trips around the world.


In North America, Chevron Pipe Line Company, a subsidiary of Chevron, serves the petroleum and petrochemical industries with facilities and pipelines that transport crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and chemicals. Chevron has pipeline interests around the world that are operated by our international partners. The American Petroleum Institute (API) honored Chevron Pipe Line Company with a Distinguished Safety and Environmental Award for large operators, the organization's highest safety and environmental performance award for pipeline operators.

connecting to the market

The Jack/St. Malo oil export pipeline is the largest pipeline ever placed at this water depth—another industry first for Chevron.
connecting to the market


Chevron Shipping Company transports crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas for Chevron customers worldwide. All ships in our owned and bareboat-chartered fleet have double hulls. To support our growing LNG business, we have expanded our fleet with new LNG carriers.