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refiningwe’re proud of the products we create

Our global refining system manufactures fuels and other products sold by our marketing, lubricants, and supply and trading organizations under the Chevron®, Texaco® and Caltex® brands.

In all our work, operating safely, reliably and with a commitment to protecting the environment is among our top priorities. We’ve recently completed major upgrades in several of our refineries and have implemented a loss prevention system at our facilities. This behavior-based safety system is designed to help strengthen our culture of injury-free and incident-free operations while providing a base for strong, competitive performance.

our refineries serve customers around the world

Six of our refineries make up more than 95 percent of our total crude oil refining capacity. Five of these core refineries – in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and Richmond and El Segundo, California – manufacture products for countries in the Pacific Basin. The sixth refinery, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, supplies countries primarily in the Atlantic Basin. Many of these refineries are capable of processing heavy crude oils and producing a variety of high-value products, including transportation fuels.

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case study
new coke drums successfully installed at el segundo refinery

Transporting six enormous coke drums through the streets of Los Angeles’ South Bay may have happened over a few nights, but it took nearly four years of planning and rigorous execution to get there. The objective: to safely remove six drums installed in the 1960s and replace them with six updated versions. And most important, we were committed to doing it without incident or injury.
case study<br>
new coke drums successfully installed at el segundo refinery


The project team alerted thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses ahead of time. Onlookers uploaded dozens of videos to YouTube.

Each coke drum traveled down city streets on its own customized, 32-axle vehicle that was pulled by one truck and pushed by another.

Built in Spain, the coke drums traveled more than 7,000 miles to Los Angeles.

The El Segundo Refinery supplies 20 percent of the motor vehicle fuels used in Southern California.